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Art the Vote is an effort to increase participation by using art 

with QR codes that lead to voter registration, ballot requests, and polling locations.  

Made to be postered in swing states and across the country, they are open-sourced so anyone can download, print, and post them.   

The idea is to frame useful but aesthetically-challenged QR codes in something more vibrant and thereby also bring some added color and possibility to an uncertain period.  

There is also a blank template with the QR code for people to make their own. 

Art the Vote - Power.png
Art the Vote - Power--.png
Tracks Marbles.png
Wall in Blue and White.png
Vote Flag.png
Vote Pole.png
Vote Bridge .png
Vote Tracks in Color.png
Vote Bridge in Yellow.png
Download Hi Res
Vote Tracks Yellow.png
Vote Schoolyard Mosaic.png
Vote Bridge Structure.png
Art the Vote Blank Template .png
Vote Bridge Grid.png
Download Hi Res
Wall in Color (Digital Version, Will Not

The artist behind this effort, Doug Levitt, has provided these pieces.

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